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Lavido Beauty Review & Meeting Founder Ido

Lavido Beauty Review & Meeting Founder Ido

The Brand

Lavido is a natural face and body care company, formulated with certified organic and active natural ingredients. Each product is made with the best raw, plant-based ingredients combined with purified mineral-rich waters. The results are effective, balanced and luxurious blends for the face and body. Lavido’s products do not contain any parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, silicones, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, synthetic dyes or fragrances, alcohol, PEG, SLS. Lavido is vegan and cruelty free.

Lavido was established in 2003 by herbalist Ido Magal in Israel, where it is the largest natural and organic skincare company in Israel. Lavido launched in the US in 2015 and has become a favorite in high end boutiques.

Meeting Founder Ido

Katie from The Critical Babe and I had the opportunity to sit down with Ido at the Goop pop-up in Highland Village in Dallas. Ido was very laid back, kind and down to earth. We discussed Lavido, expansion into the US, how clean beauty is making waves, and how he hopes to make an impact on the industry through the use of innovative technology and through clinical testing.

Ido grew up helping his family raise honeybees and horses and tending to the family garden. In his early twenties, Ido finished his studies in herbal and plant chemistry, and decided to move from the city, to a farm where he made his first product.

From our conversation, it was clear that Ido truly believes that plant-based, organic, and natural skincare’s efficacy can be just as good if not better than skincare with synthetic ingredients. Ido is committed to using the best ingredients and keeping his products reasonably priced. Based on the quality, Ido believes that he could be selling his products at a higher price point but does not want to increase the prices from what he has been selling them at in Israel for so long. The change didn’t feel fair to him, as he really wants his product to be accessible.

We also talked a bit about transparency around ingredients in the industry. Lavido puts every single ingredient on the package listed out, as well as the ingredients not included. He follows the strict EU standards and keeps the packaging the same among all countries. In a world where “fragrance” on an even natural skincare ingredient list could mean a whole host of things, this is really refreshing.

One of the other things we discussed was the proper testing and clinical trials in skincare, especially in organic and natural skincare where it is not the norm. This topic is very important to Ido, and what he feels helps Lavido stand out amongst the industry. Lavido tests each and every product on a wide variety of people at different ages and with a variety of skin types, to determine each product’s efficacy. He can then make adjustments before taking a product to market. 

I also recommend checking out the Lavido Beauty website for more information on the extraction techniques and technology that Ido uses to get the most out of the plants he uses in his skincare. It's really interesting. Although he is an herbalist, he is also a chemist and prides himself on using the most advanced methods to get the most out of his plant-based ingredients. 

Products Tested

Replenishing Facial Serum

Formulated with organic pomegranate seed oil, distilled lemon myrtle, and cold-pressed mandarin oil, this serum is designed to plump the skin, while aiding moisture restoration and retention. This highly concentrated serum is clinically proven to show significant improvement in skin hydration, firmness and elasticity. You should apply this serum on damp skin, after water-based serums and before your moisturizer. ($59/1.01oz)

This oil is on the heavier side of face oils that I’ve used but feels really beautiful and lightweight on my skin once absorbed. I really only need about three drops of this so I feel like it’s going to last me such a long time! I think dry skinned folks would also love this, and you could use a bit more to get the desired hydration. I highly recommend using it on damp skin, it just melts into the skin so beautifully.

Aromatic Body Lotion, Bulgarian Lavender & Jojoba

A rich but lightweight body lotion that leaves skin soft and restored from the organic essential oils. ($19/4.05oz)

This smells SO GOOD. For most of my life, I thought I hated the scent of lavender. It always smelled powdery, and a scent someone my grandmothers age would wear. Then I realized that I don’t hate the scent of lavender, I dislike the scent of cheap lavender. Ido told me that there is nothing better than Bulgarian lavender, and that he always seeks out the best ingredients for his products. It is the quality of ingredients that make or break a product, and in this case the ingredient MAKES the scent.  This not only smells the way lavender should, but it is buttery soft, and sinks into my skin immediately. It leaves no tacky residue on the skin.

Ultra Daily Moisture Cream

A nourishing facial cream designed to be used morning and night for normal to oily skin. It is rich in Omega 6 acid, vitamins and Organic Evening Primrose Oil. It softens and revitalizes the skin using organic essential oils. ($45/1.69oz)

This is a beautiful mid-weight moisturizer, that in texture reminds me a lot of Herbivore’s Pink Cloud. It is the perfect balance of hydrating, but not oily for my combo skin. This with a few drops of the facial serum and I wake up with plump hydrated skin! It also wears really well under makeup. There is a heavier version of this cream meant for dry to normal skin types.

Final Thoughts

The three products I tried were all a home run for me, and I can’t wait to try more from the skincare and body care lines. I do think if you are sensitive to essential oils, you might need to stay away or avoid any specific oils you have a sensitivity towards. I am eyeing the body care line that smells of Coconut Musk. Also, the beauty editor at Goop swears by the Lavido foot cream, so that is a must.

*These products were all PR gifts from the Woods and Co., but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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