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Another Major Life Update: I'M PREGNANT!

Another Major Life Update: I'M PREGNANT!

(I wrote this entire first section on April 4th)— Scroll to the Second Trimester update for an update today!

I know what you’re thinking…

As if quitting my job and going back to school for an entirely new career, wasn’t a BIG enough life change. I had to also throw a baby into the mix.

When I quit my job, I had all these grandiose plans of upping my instagram game and doing tons of blog posts, but that all went out the window when the first trimester hit me like a ton of bricks.

I feel like I’ve been feeling all the feels and wanted to type this up (many weeks before I am announcing) so I can remember how I felt, and also, if anyone else is thinking about having kids or in a similar life stage, you might find this post interesting. I know for me, I enjoyed watching vlogs/reading blogs about this sort of thing. If it’s not your cup of tea, no worries. I’m not planning on having this turn into a pregnancy blog, but your skin and skincare regimen change quite a bit with pregnancy and so I thought that information might be helpful to those trying, thinking about trying, are pregnant, or breastfeeding.

How did we find out?

I’ve always had this idea that when I was pregnant I would just KNOW. That was definitely not the case. I was feeling off, but I didn’t really have the typical symptoms that everyone tells you about, at least until much later (more on that, later). Remember my trip to NYC mid-February? I got back from New York City and had a really busy week. I track my period using an app called Glow. I tapped open the app randomly, and saw that my period was now 8 days late. I was also about to have dinner with two friends in 30 minutes. I panicked and took the test thinking it would be negative and wash my fears away about drinking some cocktails and eating tuna tartare. Welp, the test came back positive…

At this point, based on the app’s data, I was five weeks.


I have told a few people that I went off of Spironolactone last November. I wrote about this in my stories a few times, and got tons of DM’s asking me why. And I shared that while we weren’t trying to have a baby, we weren’t weren’t trying, and to be safe you really need to come off of it before conception. I sort of stopped mentioning it, because I didn’t want to lie to people but I didn’t want to exactly publicize this either. But anyways, the point in me sharing this is that my period is a bit off since my body has been adjusting to going off of this drug, so a period a week late wasn’t that weird for me.

The First Signs

I woke up the morning that I was leaving for New York City to the worst cramping pain on my right side that I have ever felt. It hurt so bad that I was sweating and I was even convinced that I could have appendicitis. I texted two close friends who are Nurse Practitioners and two friends who are doctors to see who would respond first LOL and they asked a bunch of follow up questions, ruled appendicitis out. I actually told my husband that he needed to take me to the ER and I might miss my flight. I was in panic mode. One of my best friends from college is an NP and said, “well, you could just be pregnant,” which I laughed off…

I had an upset stomach the entire time I was in NYC and when I even came back and adjusted my diet to be a lot cleaner. This is not normal for me to feel bloated, and like my stomach was just not functioning the way it normally did. I have a stomach of steel.

I felt a little bit more emotional, I think I cried watching a movie and I remember my husband looking over like, “really?” like he was surprised that this scene made me sad. It was the movie “A Star is Born” which, I loved the music, hated the story, so he was surprised I cried.

I peed a LOT more.

Constant feeling of cramps, which is honestly the most terrifying symptom, but really common because you’re uterus is growing.

My sense of smell got super strong. We live near a Mexican mart, and we drive by daily but I never smell anything and all of a sudden I could smell tacos every time we drove by. SO WEIRD!

Six Weeks

Right at six weeks on the nose, I started having crazy food aversions. Cooked meat and vegetables made me gag. I was craving tons of fresh fruit, yogurt, carbs. The only way I can eat meat is if it is with pasta, bread and mixed with carbs.

I quickly realized that I would not experience nausea as long as I ate every two hours, and I had to keep crackers and pretzels in my car, gym bag, school bag, because if I were caught anywhere with an empty stomach it would churn and churn and I would dry heave.

I am struggling to sleep!! I was really sad to realize that I could easily fall asleep, but not stay asleep meaning that I am much tired the next day, and when I get home from school, I crash. Hence why I haven’t posted as much being in school, which was never my plan! I wanted to keep up with instagram. My doctor said the progesterone pumping through you doesn’t let you get into a deep sleep but it’s needed to help develop the baby/placenta. However, before starting school I would have to take random 2 hour naps during the day. It’s true that pregnancy is basically being awake all night and wanting to sleep all day.

I TRULY DON’T KNOW HOW WOMEN WORK THROUGH THIS. I would have truly been fired.

Anyways, at this time my boobs also started hurting really bad, and even went through an itchy phase. I get random headaches of varying degrees of pain almost constantly. I feel randomly like I have the chills, then I get really hot. Achy all over, lower back pain and just general fatigue that is completely miserable. I also now randomly get congested and have post nasal drip that turns into a sore throat, despite taking allergy meds.

I cry at literally everything. And, I am not a huge crier. My husband even commented on how funny this symptom is to him, because it’s just not me.

I knew the possibility of all of these symptoms, I just had no idea that every day would be a guessing game, and that I’d truly experience all of them, many at one time.

My skin cleared completely at this point too, and I looked GLOWING. Not going to lie, it was pretty nice to start school with that killer skin. I’m going to do an updated routine post and share what I’ve had to cut out of my routine, and how my dermatologist has changed my prescriptions!

Esthetician School & Pregnancy

I think the timing for school was great— I had been pregnant long enough (8ish weeks) that I was starting to get used to the symptoms and how to handle them. With that being said, they change and you get new ones daily so it’s still a struggle. Also, I need to sneak snacks when we aren’t on break just to make sure I feel okay.

The first week, I felt great the first two days. That second night I slept horribly, maybe getting 4 hours. The next day was so miserable, I came home and just completely lost it and started to rethink my ability to go through school while pregnant. My husband is amazing and makes my food every night (he did this before), but now my lunch and snacks for every school day. He reassured me I just had a bad day and that I could make it through. But basically, I come home from school and collapse on the couch, then try to sleep from 10pm to 7am every night. I am also speeding up my hours required to sit for the exam, meaning i’m on campus for 9 hours 5 days a week.

The First Trimester: A Recap

No one told me that the first trimester would be so exciting, but also so terrifying. You want to be excited, but there’s so many unknowns, and although I’ve never experienced a miscarriage, you know that so many things can go wrong. It honestly didn’t feel real for us until our first major appointment at 9 weeks. At this point, everything looked great and the chances were only 5% of anything going wrong. This drops to 2% and stays there at 12 weeks.

We told a few people before this major appointment, but didn’t want to tell too many people. Honestly, it was less about the concern of something happening, and more because I felt like it was bad luck or something? Like I’d jinx it? Which is insane. But, it feels really lonely especially when your hormones just make you feel completely sad at times. It’s a complete rollercoaster. Obviously, my husband was there and was amazing and took care of me on top of working a really demanding job, but it’s still feels isolating. I felt like an absolute trash bag, and couldn’t really share with anyone why. I Crossfit, and shared the news with two of our coaches right away, who gave me some helpful advice, but also, I wanted them to know why I was struggling in class. My lung capacity was down, I had less energy, and couldn’t stomach protein which made workouts seem even harder. I’m writing this as I’m 10 weeks along, and I’m sure my gym mates/friends have figured it out honestly because I am in the corner chewing on pretzels which isn’t my normal MO.

I also had severe anxiety, analyzing and assessing every symptom and change. I am a very go-with-the-flow type of a person, and I’ve been very lucky to not have ever suffered from anxiety or depression in my life, but I found myself going to these dark places and assuming the worst. I never thought in a million years that I would feel this way. My husband is the worrier in our family, and I think it even surprised him and probably made him more anxious because I am usually the one reminding him to stay calm, and not worry.

It was really tough, and I don’t think people talk about these hard parts enough. In the end we are extremely, extremely excited which overshadows these couple of months, but I think it’s important to note how lonely and terrifying this time can be for some people, as it was for me.

Second Trimester Update - May 20th (16 weeks)

I am writing this on the day that I am announcing to you (May 20th)! I am officially 16 weeks and a month into my second trimester. Feeling SO much better— less sick and fatigued, happier, less emotional. My worries really disappeared around 12 weeks when we had some genetic testing done and everything came back great. And we found out that we’re having a boy. I felt a huge shift in my energy, less fatigue, nausea, etc. The headaches even got better, but still rear their ugly head a few times a week. I really don’t get headaches normally, so this was a huge annoyance, especially being at school and trying to workout daily. Sometimes they last for three days and 1000mg of tylenol (which is all you can take), won’t even kill them. I still have an occasional day where I feel nauseous, or exhausted, but for the most part it’s sooo much better. The worst part right now is that I don’t look pregnant, but all my pants don’t fit and i just feel more chubby and less pregnant. I’m sure in another month, this awkward stage will go away!

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