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A Boston native living in Dallas, TX.  Welcome to my beauty and lifestyle blog! After years of keeping a close eye on the beauty industry, I discovered a love of learning about products and trying new brands.  Pair that with my love of   writing, and more recent flirtation with photography, and you've got Dev's Day! 

Making Moves: A Life Update

Making Moves: A Life Update

I know you’re here to read about what I’m doing next, so I will jump to it in a moment. I've felt super distant from Instagram and blogging world the last few months. During this shift in my life, I couldn't share what was going on, and it felt weird to feel so lost and confused but not be able to share why. I hate feeling like I'm faking it or not being myself, so I just chose to spend less time on the ‘gram. I wanted to talk through this with my family, in-person. I also have a lot of coworkers that support my blog, whom I love and adore, but for obvious reasons couldn’t really vocalize what was going on. Also, please thoroughly enjoy all of these motivational quotes LOL

“You can rise up from anything. You can completely recreate yourself. Nothing is permanent. You’re not stuck. You have choices. You can think new thoughts. You can learn something new. You can create new habits. All that matters is that you decide today and never look back.” - anonymous

So...what am I doing now that I quit my job?

I left my 10 year career in recruiting/HR to get my esthetics license. Which means in March, I will be going back to school for about 5 months to complete the 750 hours required to then sit for the state exam in Texas.

Why esthetics? I mean, it’s clearly no surprise that I love skincare. I truly enjoy researching ingredients, testing products, and most importantly— helping others with their skin issues. Through blogging, I get to help a lot of people, which is great. But in my daily life, I have become this go-to person for everyone for skin tips, tricks, and recommendations. It makes me so happy to see other people happy with their skin. And, if I can get paid to help people, doing the thing I love and I am most passionate about, why wouldn’t I do that? However, it’s been really hard for me to wrap my mind around leaving my corporate job, with a cushy consistent paycheck— just a tad terrifying.

Leading up to my Decision

The first person I ever spoke to in the beauty community (this was in January 2018) when I started blogging, was Dessey (@desseydoll). I was curious about her background, because she mentioned she was going to school to get her esthetics license, but her writing, photography, and visuals were also stunning. She was so sweet, and I was shocked how young she was because she gave off old soul vibes (and still does), and she had such direction with what she wanted to do career-wise.

I told her that I was sad that I had discovered my passion so late in life, and I remember telling her I just couldn't imagine giving up my career and my consistent paycheck, and definitely couldn’t imagine going back to school. In true Dessey fashion, she told me 30 was super young, and it’s never too late to pursue your passion. I have my Bachelors and my MBA already, and even did 1.5 years of my doctorate before I decided I didn't want to go into academia. I was OVER school. My husband and I were also buying a house at the time.

FUN FACT: My doctorate was in Organizational Behavior and I was studying multi-generational workforces and women/minorities in the workforce and basically how corporate America has to WAKE UP because working 100 hour weeks IN an office, commuting an hour each way, is no longer the American dream. Corporate America needs a makeover, ya’ll.

Towards the end of the year, something shifted in me. I was miserable with my commute, the old-school corporate mentality of my ass needing to be in a seat from 8:30-5:30, and overall lack of flexibility in my hours and vacation time. I saw my nieces and nephews in New England growing up, and I didn’t have the time off to be able to see them. Let’s also be honest here— I hate authority, rules, and structure. I am a full blown Aquarius. Let’s just say my parents were none too surprised about my disdain for the corporate world.

I’m also someone who hates sitting around and complaining about something if I have the power to change it. But I also like to make a plan of what I need to do to make the change, and take the time to talk to people, and figure out that this change truly makes sense. I kept seeing all these crazy signs to make the leap. (I know, I am one of those insane people that believes in signs). But also, when I talked to people, they were surprisingly supportive. They were excited about me following my passion. I was especially surprised by my parent's reaction, as I thought they'd assume that my Finance degree and MBA were for nothing. My husband has been so supportive, which I am very thankful for. He has seen how hard I have worked— both in my full-time job, at Follain, and keeping up with my blogging commitments.

“Our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.” — M. Scott Peck

So what do I want to do?

Well, I'm still figuring that out. I'd love to work in a dermatologist's office because I want to learn as much as possible, and/or for a reputable spa. I’d also love to be a brand rep— through follain I’ve gotten to meet so many awesome estheticians for Indie Lee, Tata, etc. And ultimately, I’d like to work for myself, and build my own client base. I want to keep writing about skincare and blogging. I want to freelance and create content for beauty brands.

Some Things That Helped Me

Talking to A LOT of People

I talked to a lot of people. Estheticians. Aspiring Estheticians. Friends. Family. Brand Owners. Bloggers. People who work in the beauty industry. l was able to meet a lot of brand reps and owners through working at Follain. Also— working at Follain made me realize how excited I was to get paid to talk about skincare on the weekends, after just having worked 5 days at my 9-5 job. That’s right, I was not only having a quarter-life crisis but working 7 day weeks for almost 2 months straight. Very thankful for it, because clearly it helped me sort my life out.

Making a Plan

Once I realized I was going to make the move, I started gathering information on schools, and timing. I also started to realize that I had about 5 different side hustles going, and although it’s nowhere near my salary, it was enough to make me realize I could leave my job, work a couple days a week while going to school, and stay afloat.


This may seem insane but hearing about other people who had major career changes, became entrepreneurs and got out of their 9-5, worked insanely hard for years to build their brands, etc. was super motivating to me, and every time I thought I was making a huge mistake I would listen to an episode, and it made me feel less alone.

Second Life

Chronicles women making career changes at any age. My favorite episode is with Shani Darden, celebrity esthetician. It was nice hearing she didn’t know she wanted to work with skin her whole life, it was a slow discovery that happened over time.

Work Party

Women who are redefining the meaning of work on their own terms, featuring creative and entrepreneurial women. My favorite episode was with Kristin Ess, on finding your work tribe. It made me realize that her success came from MANY YEARS of hard work— not overnight. She worked around the clock for AGES.

The Influencer Podcast

Not only does Julie Solomon give tips and tricks on how to master this influencer thing, she interviews a lot of inspiring guests who have made a full-time career out of blogging and left their 9-5 jobs, and now have huge teams. My favorite episode featured the Bucketlist Bombshell girls, who teach people how to build their own business and ditch their 9-5.

The Goaldigger Podcast

This podcast was created by Jenna Kutcher, who became a self-made millionaire through photography, but her podcast focuses on getting paid for your passion, growing an online business, ditching your 9-5, being an influencer, growing your social media, etc.. She has so much amazing content, but she actually interviewed Julie Solomon above, and that’s how I found Julie’s podcast. Check it out here.

And Lastly…

I hate cheeseball stuff but I just want to say that you have a lot of yearssss to work, and these days people switch careers left and right. When you figure out what the hell you want to do, make moves and make it happen. I would rather fail trying than be that miserable person who complains forever, but doesn’t do anything about it. And, while we’re at it, our generation needs to make some serious changes to the working world.

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