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Paula's Choice Boosters Review

Paula's Choice Boosters Review

Paula's Choice

The Brand

Paula's choice began 36 years ago. Paula created the brand because she wanted to help women see real results, and they pride themselves off of:

  • Dedication to the research
  • Never compromising on ingredients or outcomes
  • Multi-faceted formulas that give you a full spectrum of benefits
  • Commitment to the truth
  • Unwavering love and respect for women

To me, Paula's Choice is no-nonsense skincare. I love the guide to ingredients on her site-- if I am curious about the research on a particular ingredient, such as a sodium ascorbyl phosphate (a derivative of vitamin c), or niacinamide, etc. they pull together the information and research in a succinct way on her site. I find this extremely helpful!

Recently, Paula's Choice sent me a set of their boosters to try-- which have a brand new design. I love the new packaging which is white and each has a different color. It makes it really easy for me to know which one is retinol, niacinamide, etc. and reach for and grab the correct one. 

The Boosters

This rainbow army is the customizable skincare of our dreams-- you can mix and match these based on your skin's needs that particular time of day. You can mix them together, with other products, wear them alone and apply like a serum. I love creating my own "skincare cocktails" with these, either mixing a few together, or mixing them with a face oil or moisturizer.

Peptide Booster

This booster creates younger and firmer looking skin with eight powerful peptides that make skin more resilient and reduce the appearance of lines. 

  • Each peptide precisely targets concerns of loss of firmness, dullness, wrinkles and discolorations
  • Silky, lightweight gel absorbs instantly

My thoughts: This is truly an anti-aging multitasking serum. It has the most gorgeous silky texture. It feels really hydrating and plumping. This helps to plump and fine lines, make your skin appear more glowy and youthful pretty instantly. Major thumbs up.

C25 Super Booster

This spot treatment helps to target and minimize the look of stubborn dark spots, red marks and other imperfections with a 25% concentration of stabilized vitamin C for a dramatically more even complexion overall.

  • Patented time-release delivery system
  • Highly-concentrated Vitamin C visibly diminishes spots
  • Silky, rich texture

My thoughts: This is the spot treatment I've been looking for, for 10+ years and wish I knew about a long time ago. Vitamin C is known for its brightening abilities, so it's great for lightening pigmentation. It feels like a thicker paste, but absorbs well into the skin and layers well with other products. When I broke out around my mouth from using toothpaste with SLS, this helped speed up the PIH (post-inflammatory pigmentation) by A LOT. It's truly amazing at getting rid of dark marks. A forever repurchase.

C15 Super Booster

This concentrated booster has 15% pure vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid), a pH of 3.0, and potent antioxidants of Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid and skin-smoothing peptides. This booster is designed to dramatically brighten uneven skin while improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Reveals a more radiant complexion
  • Vitamin C visibly brightens skin
  • Feather-light, liquid formula absorbs quickly

My thoughts: I love this vitamin C. L-ascorbic acid is one of the most researched forms of vitamin c and has been proven to be one of the most effective (not saying that others aren't, there is just more research done on this type). The additions of vitamin e and ferulic acid help extend the shelf life and effectiveness of vitamin c which is amazing. This is really lightweight so it absorbs perfectly into the skin, layers well with everything, and doesn't make my skin oily throughout the day like many vitamin c serums can do. I will definitely repurchase.

10% Niacinamide Booster

This concentrated 10% niacinamide serum booster dramatically improves uneven skin tone and refines the appearance of pore size, skin texture and fine lines.

  • Promotes a brighter, younger-looking appearance
  • Niacinamide (vitamin B3) visibly minimizes pore size
  • Sheer, ultra-light liquid formula

My thoughts: This was also a standout serum to me, but I am not actually that surprised-- I have oily skin and tend to have larger pores. I've always found that Niacinamide has helped to keep my pores looking smaller/tighter, improves my skin tone so that it looks more even, and overall just glowier/healthier skin. This ingredient is also known to have anti-wrinkle and skin-replenishing ingredients, so it's a great anti-aging multitasker. Forever repurchase.

Hyaluronic Acid Booster

This concentrated hyaluronic acid booster replenishes moisture content in skin for a plump, supple and noticeably smoother appearance.

  • Revives dehydrated, dull skin
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Fluid gel texture visibly plumps skin

My thoughts: This is really nice, simple HA serum. It absorbs well into the skin, makes my skin feel plumped and hydrated. If you are dehydrated (or even not!), everyone needs some HA in their life. For me, this was probably my least favorite of the boosters. Not because it's bad by any means, I just find I can use a multi-tasking serum that has hydration benefits but also a lot of other great ingredients-- like the peptide booster. This is totally just my preference but still will get great use out of this guy! My favorite way to actually use this is to mix with an oil and create my own emulsion- my skin loves emulsions.

Moisture Renewal Oil Booster

This concentrated, antioxidant-enriched booster relieves dry skin with a blend of nine pure, nourishing plant oils and skin-renewing ceramides. It has a mix of essential fatty acids and skin-vital antioxidants. 

  • Revitalizes a dull, flaky complexion
  • Blend of nine essential, non-fragrant plant oils 
  • Light, skin-enriching oil formula

My thoughts: This is a beautiful lightweight oil that absorbs quite quickly into the skin. It's perfect for someone who wants to avoid fragrant oils, or essential oils because of sensitivities or just preference. I have so many other oils that I love, and think this is a nice cost-effective option, but because I am oil-obsessed, and like some others in my collection a bit more, I probably wouldn't repurchase.

1% Retinol Booster

This lightweight, concentrated booster with 1% retinol helps to even skin tone, renew radiance, brighten skin, improve the appearance of wrinkles and create a smooth complexion.

  • Pure form of retinol in a slow-release delivery system
  • Peptides restore skin’s youthful appearance
  • Fluid lotion texture visibly improves loss of firmness

My thoughts: This is an extremely lightweight retinol serum. I already use a prescription strength most nights, but love this for nights when my skin is feeling quite sensitized, and I want a less aggressive retinol. I usually use this like a serum right on the skin, but I know a lot of people love mixing this one. This is such a nice item to have in your collection when you want a little retinol boost, but not a super strong strength. Also, some people say they hate the smell of this-- I barely notice it! Just something to think about if you're sensitive to smells.

Overall, I am blown away by how much I love and adore these boosters, and there is truly something here for everyone, depending on your skin's needs and concerns. I just purchased the new 10% Azaleaic Acid Booster to try and I can't wait. I'll update my post once I can thoroughly test it!

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