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Supernatural Body Review

Supernatural Body Review

The Brand

Supernatural body was created after founder Michele Griffiths, spent years trying and testing products with puzzling ingredient names that didn't all work the way that they promised. Michele has sensitive skin with rosacea and eczema, and wanted natural products that wouldn't aggravate her skin issues. After being fed up with the lack of efficacy, and deceptive marketing by many skincare brands, she decided to do some research of her own. 

After years of research, trial and error, the founder ended up creating her own line of gentle, natural products comprised entirely of organic, plant-based ingredients. From the beginning, the founder formulated USDA-Certified Organic products, which meant searching high and low for the highest quality organic ingredients. This resulted in products that are luxurious and effective.

Supernatural Body is vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free and is sold on their website.


The Products + Review

Klenz Cream Cleanser

Product Description: A luxurious Cream Cleanser that removes makeup, cleanses and softens skin all at once. All skin types will benefit from the carefully balanced formula made from organic ingredients rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C derived from the extracts of Matcha, Moringa and Triphala. The cleanser is enriched with a blend of pure organic oils: camellia, sunflower, and rosehip which are packed with nourishing omegas to preserve a youthful glowing complexion.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this cleanser. It smells fairly herbal and citrusy, but in a beautiful way. I do think this removes makeup if you're wearing very little, but if you're wearing foundation and a full face, you will definitely need a different first cleanse, but this product does make a lovely second cleanse. It is non-stripping and quite hydrating, most likely due to the oils in the ingredients.

Renew Eye Gel

Product Description: A restorative eye gel specifically designed to revive, firm, and hydrate the delicate area around the eye. This gel has been supercharged with Moringa and Triphala to boost the concentration of key vitamins and antioxidants known for their ability to help retain skin moisture while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. These incredible organic active ingredients are carefully blended with organic Camellia Seed oil to deliver increased tone and smoothness.

    My Thoughts: I tried to describe the beautiful texture of this product to a friend, and honestly I can't do it justice. It's described as a gel in the title obviously, but it has more of a gel-oil-cream texture that is unique to any other eye cream I've ever tried. It sinks in immediately, it's so hydrating, and if you stored this in the fridge, it would be an absolute dream to apply to really depuff the eyes. I don't have any darkness or puffiness under my eyes to really trial this product in that way, but it definitely hydrates my under eye area all day and night, and for that reason alone I love it.

    PoSHan Facial Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

    Product Description: A wonderful daily moisturizer suitable for all skin types. Crafted with organic oils of Sacha Inchi, Sea Buckthorn and Flax Seed it combines nourishing fatty acids and powerful anti- oxidants to help fight the signs of aging. This powerful serum is further enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid that helps deliver moisture deeper into the skin contributing to a supple and younger looking complexion.

    My Thoughts: My favorite product out of the bunch, by far! I can't say enough good things about this serum. First off, you know I love a serum. But what I love MOST in a serum, is one that is both oil and water based. For some reason, my skin drinks up these types of serums, and my skin feels like a newborn baby. I can't. get. enough. It is SO good. I truly think any skin type would love this serum, and see it's lasting and impressive hydrating results. 

    Bloom Facial Moisturizer

    Product Description: A superbly rich yet quickly absorbing face cream hydrates and smooths all skin types. To help combat the signs of aging Bloom is packed with antioxidants, omegas and super rich hydrators. These amazing organic ingredients are known to offer excellent protection against dark spot skin damage as well as help retain moisture and promote the synthesis of collagen.

    My Thoughts: This is an amazing lightweight moisturizer, that is also incredibly hydrating. I think the lightweight feel but really hydrating effect is because of the Camellia seed oil in this. My skin is combo and I do find this to be hydrating enough for both day and night time, but wonder if this would be enough alone for dry skin types. I think if you're in a cold climate, probably not, but could work well for daytime or summer.

    Glo Body Oil with Lemongrass

    Product Description: Glo Body oil is a luxurious moisturizing oil rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants that is absorbed quickly leaving skin silky smooth and suitable for all skin types. Our body oil is a rich fusion of exotic organic oils of Sacha Inchi, Sea Buckthorn, Grape Seed, Camellia and Jojoba; loaded with nourishing fatty acids which promote healing, rejuvenation and protection against the elements. Glō with Lemongrass has a fresh, crisp fragrance with floral and woody notes.

    My Thoughts: This is a really beautiful body oil, that absorbs quickly into the skin and is really hydrating. Lemongrass isn't my favorite scent personally, but I realize this is totally just a personal preference. However, this oil also comes in a Bergamot scent which sounds much more up my alley. This sprayer also does shoot in a pretty direct fashion, and I prefer more of a lighter, finer mist, or a pump for body oils. ($60/4oz)


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