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Petite Histoire Fragrance Review

Petite Histoire Fragrance Review

The Brand

Petite Histoire is a luxury line of fragrances formulated with all-natural ingredients by Founder/Creative Director Jeff Smith. Jeff did a lot of work with Tata Harper Skincare when he first started in the industry, and loved her approach to naturals-- using the best in science and technology to create luxurious products with natural materials. This was the exact mindset Jeff took with him, when he created Petite Histoire. 

In French "petite histoire" is the backstory between lovers: it is the narrative that entwines them, the palpable tension that defines them. PETITE HISTOIRE is a line of all-natural fragrances drawing inspiration from global settings and the emotions we feel with those we love.

Here is a bit more history and background about how and why the line was created, as well as who helped create these beautiful scents. I found this information really interesting, and wanted to share! I have been talking a lot about greenwashing with many other bloggers and followers, and I love the transparency that Jeff has created around the line. 

"I created our first formula, and the next 3 scents were developed by my perfumer, Mathieu Nardin, who has created scents for Miller Harris, Etro, Anick Goutal, and Kenneth Cole. Mathieu was born in the South of France, and his grandmother grew jasmine and roses for the perfumery industry... Mathieu grew up immersed in these natural materials, and he speaks these raw materials like another language....his way with naturals is truly sublime. Also based in Grasse,  Robertet is our partner for ingredients, and they’re the leader in natural ingredients, with a long legacy in the perfume industry that goes back to the 1800s. 

A lot of natural perfumes lack the pedigree and industry finesse, which means most people don't truly get to experience just how sublime naturals can be. Working with Mathieu and Robertet means these are first and foremost luxury perfumes, formulated with natural ingredients.

Typically, a mass-market scent might spend about $20/kilo for their oil, whereas Petite Histoire is working with about $2,000/kilo, which reflects the higher price of quality natural materials, as well as the luxury viewpoint at the heart of the brand.

A lot of the "green" perfumes are incredibly vague about how they're actually formulated, and greenwashing is a bit of an industry problem at the moment, so Petite Histoire is formulated to IFRA standards of ISO norm 9235, which is one of the strictest, and most clearly defined set of guidelines in the industry. Additionally, all of our scents are set in a base of super hydrating fractionated coconut oil."

The Fragrances

Below are the descriptions of each fragrance provided by Petite Histoire, followed by my take on each:

Coup De Courage: Cedarwood and labdanum create a leathery rush of excitement, while vanilla seduces from behind. Ylang Ylang and sandalwood caress like fateful temptation.

This scent reminds me of cozy warm mornings, waking up the wood fire in my parents house, and coming downstairs to coffee and homemade waffles. It makes me feel so cozy. I think in general, it's the vanilla and sandalwood that give me these vibes, but I love! Going to be a perfect winter feel-good scent.

Envie Desoir: Powdery orris is bliss on skin, while gentle rose dances in soft rain. Delicate violets glisten like new discoveries in the quiet, cool whisper of Paris.

I wrote this review before I even read the description. When I talk about fragrances, I like to really smell them, over time, and think about what they remind me of. I admit my strength at calling out specific notes isn't great, but I describe fragrances best, by painting a picture of scene in which you can smell the scent yourself. The first time I smelled this, I thought "PARIS." This is one of the most unique florals I have ever smelled. It immediately transports me to walking down St. Germain street or through the Tuileries. It's not too powdery, not to sweet. It's subtle, elegant, creamy, with orris as the definitive note and star of the show. It's unlike anything I've ever smelled or owned. I'm in love.

Fields of New Amsterdam: Patchouli roars atop a smoldering bed of rose and black pepper, remnants of a sizzling night, echoes of fire that blazed in old New York. Vetiver and vanilla blend, silk on skin, the moment when late night beckons early morning.

When I read this description, I knew I was going to love this scent. I love scents with rose and black pepper; a very complimentary combo that is very sexy. It also has a woody and amber feel to it. If I could sum up the experience of this perfume, it would be jazz club. It actually reminds me of late nights in Paris, maybe because of the Patchouli? Also, why does everything remind me of Paris? This scent is perfection on all sexes! It's definitely my favorite for a night out.

Hollywoodland: Elemi blends with smooth patchouli and rich vanilla bourbon to capture the warmth of the sun drenched Hollywood Hills. A floral bouquet of ylang ylang, lavender, and rose de mai make this a modern Old Hollywood legend. 

I recently discovered that I don't actually hate Lavender, but that much of the "lavender" that I have smelled previously isn't the real, high quality, fresh lavender from France or Bulgaria. This scent has hints of the expensive lavender, not the "grandma" lavender. It does however remind of me of summer; it's like the sister of Coup De Courage in it's warmness, but the bouquet scents make it lean more summery.

Overall Thoughts

These scents last about 4 hours on me, give or take. I do find that they last longer on me than many other natural fragrances. They come in conveniently cute rollerballs for reapplying, and oh man are they instagram-worthy. These retail for $64 each, or you can try all four scents in a sample set for $24.

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