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My First Experience with Botox

My First Experience with Botox

Why Botox?

So, I already touched upon this in my original Instagram post about why I decided to get botox, but I will summarize quickly here. I am an expressive person, and I move my forehead a lot when I talk. I started noticing that I was getting lines on my forehead, where my skin folded when I spoke, when I was about 28 (I’m 31 now, will be 32 in a few short months— EW).

I wanted to get Botox before my wedding, but was still in the process of just getting my skin together, enough to be acne free. In addition to wedding planning, my husband got a new job in Dallas, and we quit our jobs, got married, went on our honeymoon, came back to Boston, packed up our lives and drove to Dallas. I was in the process of finding a house, looking for a new job, and it just wasn’t a priority.

Fast Forward a year…I decided it was time. I ran into a fashion blogger at a blogger panel I was speaking on, and she told me that she sees a plastic surgeon for her botox, and he was looking to work with influencers. She said he was absolutely fabulous, and is the only person she let’s touch her face. I felt like it was a sign. I started speaking with Dr. Slack and his wife, and it seemed like a perfect fit. I always knew I wanted someone really experienced to give me my injections, as I know it really is an art.

Full Disclosure:

I received Dysport, not Botox. I received Dysport for free in exchange for content creation for Dr. Slack. He wanted me to share the hopefully good and negative. I wrote about my experience with Botox, because when I went, he wasn’t sure at first which drug he would use, and I believe the brand Botox is just more commonly known, and therefore just made it easier to speak about and have newbies especially, know what I was referring to.

Dysport vs. Botox:

Dysport and Botox are both types of botulinum toxin injections. While used to treat muscle spasms for a variety of health conditions, they’re most well known for their use to prevent wrinkles. The differences lie in the potency of trace proteins, which can make one more effective than the other. I’ve heard through that Dysport spreads better under your skin, and the effects can be seen sooner, but Botox can last longer, but really how well each work and how long they last depends mostly on the patient, and how your muscles respond. A friend told me that Botox felt heavier, but many people try one and enjoy it, so they don’t even bother trying the other. I’ve loved my dysport Dysport experience, and because it’s cheaper, I probably won’t make the switch to Botox

The units for each are different.

One Unit of Botox = Three Units of Dysport

Therefore, the pricing is a bit different. Pricing varies depending on location, and how is doing the injections but here is Dr. Slack’s pricing:

1 Unit of Botox: $12

1 Unit of Dysport: $3.75

So you can see, that Dysport typically saves people $20-40. The average price per session of Botox or Dysport is $400.

My Injections

I received 112.5 units of Dysport, which is the equivalent to 37.5 units of Botox. If I paid out of pocket for the Dysport, this would have cost me $421.88. The equivalent injections in Botox would have cost $450.

What is typical per area?

Frown Lines & Brow Lift: 25 units Botox, 75 units Dysport

Crow’s Feet: 20 units Botox, 60 units Dysport

Forehead: 12.5-30 units Botox, up to 90 units of Dysport

I received:

Frown Lines & Brow Lift: 60 units Dysport

Crow’s Feet: 7.5 units Dysport on each side

Forehead: 37.5 units Dysport

My Experience:

The Consultation

Dr. Slack was extremely thorough. He talked me through all of my questions, and explained what it was, and how it worked. He also watched me talk and express myself so he can see how I move my face, and which muscles needed to be frozen to prevent wrinkles. He could also see from my movement where I will be prone to wrinkles, even though I may not have any visible right now. For example, I don’t have crow’s feet yet, but he could see that when I squint, I do get some lines there, and without Botox/Dysport, I would eventually get lines there.

The Process

I filmed the entire thing which took a lot longer than it would in reality, which would be only about 7-8 minutes. I didn’t use any numbing cream, and I was happy I didn’t. The cream takes another 20 minutes to kick in, and Dr. Slack doesn’t feel like it really does a good enough job eliminating any pain to make it worth it. Dr. Slack talked me through everything he was doing. The pain changes depending on the injections. Around the eyes and eyebrows were the worse, and my left eyebrow hurt worse than the right. My forehead didn’t hurt at all. The pain was not bad AT ALL, and was fleeting! It just feels like a tiny pinch for one second. You can see after each second he puts sort of this healing pad on my face, that helps bring down swelling and soreness.

Immediately Afterwards

I felt sore immediately after, but Dr. Slack let me sit and relax for about 10 minutes (which he does for all patients). At that point, I just had sort of a dull headache, but was totally fine to drive the 30 minutes home. By the time I left to drive home, my forehead had a few tiny red dots from the injection spots, but I basically looked normal, and if I did this over my lunch break I’d have no problem going into work after. I’d throw a little concealer over my forehead and call it a day.

Side Effects

A lot of people wanted to know about the side effects. There really aren’t side effects for Botox/Dysport other than potentially freezing a part of your face that you didn’t intend. I had a dull headache for about 30 minutes, which is just from the soreness of the injections. They recommend not taking any blood thinning drugs the day of, as that could just cause more bleeding and make the injection spots look slightly more prominent. But, there’s not much to worry about here!

A Few Days Later

I started feeling the Dysport kick in the next afternoon, so about 24 hours later, but everything wasn’t 100% frozen. A full 36 hours later though, everything was completely frozen. It’s a bit of a weird feeling when you use your forehead to express yourself and can no longer move it. For a day or so I kept trying to move it, but eventually I think my body just stopped trying to move my forehead, which I was happy for, because I want it to last as long as possible!

Two Weeks Later

So about a week in, I noticed my skin looked extremely glow-y. People told me that there is a “post-Botox/Dysport glow” that you get. I started getting a crazy amount of DM’s about my skin and how smooth/shiny it looked. I didn’t change my skincare routine at all— it was just the Dysport!!

I was obsessed about two days in, but oh man. I AM OBSESSED. Never going back to the old wrinkly forehead days.

Overall Thoughts/Takeaways

The Consultation - if you go somewhere, and they immediately sit you down and start injecting, RUN, don’t walk out of there. Make sure whoever is doing the injections really takes the time to see how you talk and express yourself, and is being thoughtful about how much they’re injecting and where they’re placing the injections. Go with your gut.

Start sooner than you think you need - I received a lot of DM’s about how costly botox/dysport injections are, which delayed or is delaying a lot of people from starting. But, the sooner you start, even getting tiny amounts of injections, you will do so much prevention, and need so little later, that you will save a lot more money over time. If you let your lines get really deep, you may need fillers, which are MUCH more costly than botox/dysport injections, and need to be done more often. Also, remember that when you first get injections you need to go every 3 months, but once you’re regularly going, it’s usually about 6 months. A little bit in my 20’s could have made my session today MUCH less pricey.

DO YOU - if you want to get injectables, do it. If you don’t, don’t. Do what makes you happy.

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