Hello, my name is Devan Jesmer.


Welcome to the Dev’s Day blog! This blog is dedicated to reviewing beauty products including skincare, cosmetics, fragrances, body care, and home scents, with some lifestyle elements mixed in. 

My passion for beauty has always led me to follow the industry closely.  While completing my MBA in 2012, classes on branding, marketing and social media sparked my passion and created Dev’s Day!  Forever a beauty junkie, I’m constantly experimenting with products, trying new things, and following along with the product launches. I’m endlessly fascinated by brands positioning themselves for growth and success in this ever-evolving industry which is why I wanted to create a space to collaborate, explore and dive deep into all things beauty and lifestyle.  

In addition to my minor beauty obsession, I’m a writer at heart.  I’ve always known that wherever my career and life takes me, a creative outlet is essential. My Instagram account, @devsday, combines my passion for beauty and writing, while introducing me to a newfound love for photography along the way. Thus, I found a little trifecta for creativity and made a ton of friends along the way from all around the world! 

If it wasn’t already obvious, I’m excited to share my passion for all things beauty and collaborate with similarly passionate creatives. I’ve built my following off of being completely authentic and honest with my audience and engaging with my followers in a meaningful way and this is just the beginning.


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